Law of Attraction – How to Get What You Want by Giving – Proof That it (And LOA) Works

In times of recession, people keep their money tight to themselves. This will only cause them trouble, and I can prove it to you.

Friday afternoon, we did some shopping before the weekend, because we needed a few more things. When we arrived at the supermarket, we were met by a lady, who gave us a note that looked like a shopping list: pasta, baby food, oil, rice, sugar… She came from an organisation called “Resto du Coeur” (Restaurant of the Heart), who gives out food to poor people living in France, and they were collecting that weekend.

As always, we bought a few extra things, some of the things on the list, and gave it to the organization.

This may sound like a minor thing, but when we first moved to France, we were without work for four months, and it hasn’t always been easy to make ends meet.

But each time “Resto du Coeur” asked for a contribution, we always gave and felt lucky that we could still be contributors, and not receivers.

And we always found streams of money the most incredible places, so we never suffered.

It is my strong impression that by giving, you shall receive. And I can even prove it.

Think about a simple thing like the potato. It has a nice, but not significant taste, and it’s nutritious values can save life and keep you healthy.

And yet, you only have to give one potato to get a dozen.

You put one potato into the ground, and nature will give you back a plant which can produce several nice, fresh and healthy potatoes.

Same thing with another, even tinier thing. A grain of wheat. Wheat can be used as cereals, as bread, as pasta, as cakes, and much more.

And yet again, you only have to give one little grain, and put it in the soil, to get hundreds back.

You give, and you receive.

In fact, those are daily miracles we normally take for granted. So how come that when it comes to other issues in life, we think that it works the other way around?

When we were standing in line in that supermarket last Friday, just before us were a man, who – like us – had bought only a few things. He had some expensive cakes, an expensive bottle of alcohol, and a third thing. Clearly there was nothing for the “Resto du Coeur”. I pointed that out to my husband, who said: Oh, but these are difficult times. He might not have money left over to give.

Probably not, no, when he keeps them all for himself. But then again, if times were that bad for him, why didn’t he skip the cakes and the alcohol? I’m not there to judge. I just notice that in tough times, people tent to become more egoistic, when, in fact, they should be more unselfish, and by being that, obtaining more.

Nature has proved it. You give one, and you receive twenty back.

Predictions for 2012

Here in the middle of an insane Christmas gig season, I’m beginning to think past the holidays about the New Year 2012. My predictions and projections are as follows:

An App for that: Every human function will have an app by the end of the year. I have one to show where the public rest rooms are and where to get Starbucks so how far can we be from an iBlood Test, an iMood Enhancer, an iAppetite Controller/Satisfier, iOrgasm anybody?

Occupy this: Tent cities will spring up anyplace there are unemployed. Invest in canvas.

Electronic LED green hair: Led lighting matched with solar power will give us such innovations as instant hair color changes projected from LED earrings, necklaces, headbands, powered by solar collectors imbedded in our clothing.

Bizarre oddities: New species will start appearing to replace those going extinct. Expect naked polar bears,
Reverse osmosis gills on fish, domed and gated communities for honey bees, Monsonto resistant wild corn and wheat, Oil eating algae that will defecate plastic,

Music cliches banned: In a move to help culture evolve, BMI, ASCAP, SESEC and the Library of Congress will refuse to register songs that use cliches. Several entire genres go silent.

Chocolate declared a vegetable: Chocolate will take it’s rightful place beside pizza as a vegetable in school cafeterias. It will melt all over the food pyramid making the whole thing more appetizing.

Oil wells declared as persons: If corporations are people, so are their offspring

Poor people declared as non-persons: Aren’t they already?

News networks suddenly realize how ridiculous they sound: At a conscious raising media convention, all the major TV News anchors and corespondents get a look at themselves after being secretly dosed with LSD/truth serum punch. They become embarrassed, point and laugh, vow to forever shut up and go away. They eventually go into recovery and everything gets back to normal.

Performers who’s demographic aims at sex appeal, will appear naked with no sound: Britney, and that entire ilk will realize that production costs can be cut to almost zero if they just do naked web cam with no sound. Their profits soar.

CD sales will boom at naked gigs. Performers still trying to sell CDs find that a naked merch table is the only way to go.

And who knows what else might happen? The Christmas song broadcast that my writing partner/drummer Jax Resto and I did along with bassist Bri Hays, was good fun despite some technical difficulties. I’ll perform those two songs again with Jax soon. In the meantime I fed her another one liner and she returned two lyrics to me overnight. The girl may be my best Christmas present yet. Has Santa sent me a human song writing machine? I still have the Christmas weekend to play at my regular gig at Back Eddy Bistro, a private Boxing Day Party and the New Year weekend. Then the really busy season is upon us here in southwest Florida. I still plan to get more done this year than last. I don’t do resolutions. I just stay busy on my goals. Adjusting them as time moves forward. I write, I perform, I make new alliances, my business grows, I stay healthy, I realize my happiness hourly. I make good Karma. Happy New Year!